TSP Workshop

TSP Workshop

This is an interactive three-day workshop on the practical application of the National Safety Code (NSC) standards for achieving full compliance and attaining exemplary on-road safety results.

Learning Objectives

Understanding the

  • National Safety Code standards and their practical application in Alberta to commercial bus and truck companies;
  • Roles and responsibilities of commercial carrier owners, management, and safety officers;
  • Methodology of NSC record keeping that allows daily evaluations of vehicle and driver readiness for work.

Learning how to effectively:

  • Develop and implement effective safety and maintenance programs that address the specific transportation operations conducted by the commercial carrier;
  • Evaluate a driver for competency;
  • Assess preventability of collisions and how to apply the knowledge gained to prevent recurrence;
  • Define collision preventability vs. fault vs. liability.

Apply the philosophy and values of:

  • Selecting and employing a transportation safety officer;
  • Fostering a positive culture of safety to achieve objectives established;
  • A professional commercial driver;
  • Monitoring and assessing competency of drivers, management and other staff within a highway transportation organization;
  • Taking remedial actions to address compliance and safety issues.

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