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Experienced in the Transportation Industry

Western Transportation Safety Consulting Ltd., formerly Carrier Consulting Services Inc. We provide transportation services and has been locally owned and operated since 1985.

We offer a wide variety of services to assist those who operate vehicles which require a Safety Fitness Certificate under the National Safety Code.

Services such as prorate processing, fuel tax analysis and reporting, Canada and US operating authorities,  log book reviews and reporting, written safety and maintenance programs, driver and vehicle file organization and maintenance, internal audit reviews, NSC audits, compliance consulting and training in Hours of Service, Load Securement, Trip Inspections, Weights and Dimensions and Logbook auditing.

Prorate Services – Carriers who operate outside of Alberta may wish to prorate their units to save time and money. Instead of purchasing costly licencing permits with each trip, the Carrier pays the fees at time of registering or renewing their units.

International Fuel Tax – Carriers who operate units outside of Alberta, with a GVW of 11797 kg or more, may wish to use the IFTA reporting option. Instead of purchasing costly fuel permits, the Carrier reports their km’s traveled quarterly.

Online Training – All drivers who operate an NSC commercial vehicle are required to have training in HOS, Trip Inspections, Load Securement and Safety Laws. Online training is available in these courses as well as a wide variety of other courses.

Safety & Maintenance Programs – All Carriers who hold a Safety Fitness Certificate in Alberta are required to have written safety & maintenance policies. These policies outline all the transportation aspects of your company’s operations and are different than an OHS policy.

Log Book Auditing – Carriers who hold a Federal SFC are required to monitor their driver logs for accuracy. Auditing consists of review for fatigue, falsification and form and manner violations.

TSP Workshop – The TSP workshop is a 3 day course designed to assist the Safety Officer and other management in the requirements of following the NSC Regulations and implementing their Safety & Maintenance Programs to ensure a safe environment for their employees and the travelling public.

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