Prorate Services

Prorate Services

Carriers who hold a Provincial Safety Fitness Certificate (SFC) cannot travel outside of Alberta.  A Carrier who wishes to leave Alberta must obtain a Federal SFC.

A Carrier who holds a Federal SFC has two choices when traveling outside Alberta. 

  • They can either buy Trip and Fuel permits for each jurisdiction each time they travel or 
  • They can prorate their units. 

Prorating a unit is generally a less expensive way to pay the fees if the carrier leaves the Province quite frequently as trip permits can become very expensive and time consuming for the carrier. 

Prorate allows the carrier to pay registration fees to Alberta for jurisdictions they wish to travel into. The fees are calculated by the percentage of total distance traveled within each jurisdiction. 

Alberta Registry collects the fees at the time of registration and then sends applicable fees to the other jurisdictions. 

The carrier will receive a CAB card along with their registration when they are prorated

Travis Permits

Clients who operate units that have special conditions may need to apply for special permits. Permits such as overweight, over dimension, TAC, trip permits into other jurisdictions for
non-prorated units, log-haul etc. can all be obtained to operate safely in Alberta.

How we help

Our office can set up a new prorate and submit the forms to obtain a proper fee notice. We can also do renewals and additions or deletions of units. Once the forms are submitted we provide the fee notice for the carrier to take to the registry office to service.

Clients who wish to purchase equipment permits can contact our office to assist them.