Certified Auditor

Audits are an integral part of Carrier Services devotion to safety and the traveling public. They are conducted to ensure the carrier is not only retaining the proper paperwork but that they are putting into place policies and procedures to ensure their driver and their staff are compliant with the regulations and operating safely at all times.

Experienced Auditors

Carrier Services will issue audits to Carriers for various reasons. Random selections, too many violations on the Carrier Profile or even roadside complaints. Our office has certified third-party auditors on staff to conduct these audits.

  • We can conduct random audits – selected by Carrier Services at random
  • We can conduct monitoring audits – selected based on the carriers R-Factor Score on the profile
  • We can conduct verification audits –based on previous audit results to verify corrective actions
  • We can conduct internal audits – audits requested by the carrier to determine their overall compliance
  • We can conduct new carrier compliance reviews – as required for all new carriers within 9-12 months of applying for their SFC