Principle Place of Business Address

Alberta Transportation Requirements

Alberta Transportation Requirements
As a Carrier who holds an SFC, you are required to report to Alberta Transportation your principal place of business address.

  • This address cannot be a P.O. Box number it must be a street address or legal land description.
  • It is also where all your records, reports, files, and documents are to be kept and for the most part stored for 5 years.
  • Also, this address is where an investigator or auditor would attend to review these required records.

Does this office address sound like your kitchen table, your family room or maybe even the sleeper berth of your truck? Are you often falling behind on your filing? Or confused about what paperwork is even required and for how long? Western Transportation is now offering you a solution.

Making it better for you

We offer our address as your principal place of business address. We will safely file all of your required documents and set up reminder systems for when items are due. We will scan and save all of your documents to our server for safe backup in case of an emergency which could result in a loss of paper files. In the event of an audit, the auditor can attend our office to review your files and conduct the entire audit.