Log Book Auditor Training

Log Book Auditor Training

Log book auditing and reporting is mandatory for all Carriers who hold a Federal Safety Fitness Certificate (SFC) and is highly recommended for Provincial Carriers.

Carriers are required to review all driver logs for form and manner violations. Form and manner, also known as visual violations, include such things as missing or incorrect Carrier name and address. Incomplete log grid, missing driver signatures, incorrect or missing duty status change locations etc.

Carriers are also required to review driver logs for fatigue violations. Fatigue violations include things such as, driving over the regulated hours or not taking the proper rest periods or resets.

And lastly, carriers are required to review driver's logs for falsification. Falsification is done using a supporting document with a time, date and location that is compared to the log to see that the information matches what the driver has recorded.

All violations found are required to be written into a report and reviewed with the driver. Any remedial action taken with the driver must also be retained in writing and all documents must be made available to an auditor or upon incident, to a court of law.
These reports help prove due diligence in the event of an incident showing that the carrier was aware of whether or not their driver was fatigued.

This monitoring and reporting can be done by a third party and is offered in our office to carriers who wish for someone outside of their organization to complete, however; we can also train your staff to conduct the monitoring for you. A basic knowledge of Hours of Service is beneficial in understanding any violations.

Our training consists of basic Hours of Service in Federal or Provincial as well as what violations to look for and how to properly write a report.

Training is scheduled on an as needed basis and can be held at our location or yours. Contact our office today to book your training or to arrange to have our staff monitor your logs for you. An online version of this course is also available. The full compliance course for safety officers is also available online.