Mandatory Training for NSC Vehicle Operators

Training frequency - check all driver files to ensure existing training certificates have not expired.  Typically training expires within 3 years and even though some certificates do not have an expiry date written on them, it is highly recommended that retraining take place every 3 years or when regulations have changed. Check NSC Regulations for latest updates to ensure your drivers have the knowledge they require to safely operate their equipment.

Hours of Service – Hours of Service is a set of legislated hours that a driver can drive and is designed to assist in the safe operation of a commercial vehicle. Training is available for drivers who operate within the Province of Alberta or who also operate outside of Alberta into other Provinces or States. All drivers of Commercial NSC vehicles must have training in Hours of Service based on the jurisdictions they operate in.

Trip Inspections – Trip Inspections are mandatory every 24 hours for all Commercial NSC Trucks and NSC Buses and are based on the NSC Standard 13. Trip inspection training includes how to conduct a proper trip inspection, how to identify major and minor defects as well as how to prepare a trip inspection report. All drivers of Commercial NSC vehicles must have training in Trip Inspections.

Load Securement – Load Securement or Cargo Securement is based on NSC Standard 10 and states that all commercial vehicles that carry any goods or cargo must ensure any items being transported  be secured in a way that it cannot leak, spill, blow off, fall from, fall through or otherwise be dislodged from the vehicle and that it cannot shift upon or within the vehicle to such an extent that the vehicle’s stability or maneuverability is adversely affected. Training is available for drivers based on the specific commodity they transport or type of vehicle they operate. All drivers of Commercial NSC vehicles that transport any goods or cargo must have training in proper load securement.

Safety Laws/Weights & Dimensions – Safety Laws/Weights & Dimensions is a set of regulations set forth to ensure all Commercial NSC vehicles operating on the roadways comply with proper weight and height restrictions and is based on the roads and locations drivers wish to travel. All drivers of Commercial NSC vehicles must have training in Safety Laws to ensure they are aware of the regulations.

Classroom Training

We can provide training to your drivers in Hours of Service for Alberta Provincial, Federal and U.S. regulations, Trip Inspections, Load Securement and Safety Laws/Weights and Dimensions.

We offer a flexible schedule where our staff can come to a location of your choice, or we can arrange for a classroom to fit your needs.

A certificate of training will be provided upon successful completion of this course.

Online Training

We offer a full line of online courses which include Hours of Service, Load Securement, Trip Inspections and Safety Laws/Weights and Measures, as well as several other courses that may be relevant to your operations.

A few of the online courses we offer are as follows:

Commodity specific add-ons to Basic Load Securement course

School Bus/Passenger Bus and Van Training:

Training Modules

Although it is recommended that drivers attend a full training course, we understand that it is not always feasible.

We have developed training modules for carriers to offer in-house training for their drivers in Hours of Service, Trip Inspections, Load Securement and Safety Laws/Weights and Dimensions.

In order to offer in-house training there are certain criteria that must be met:

  • The instructor must be knowledgeable in the information being offered
  • He/she must be able to produce written material used for training
  • An evaluation of the driver’s acquired knowledge must be tested
  • A certificate or written notification must be placed in the driver’s file upon successful completion of the course.

Our modules have been developed to meet the above criteria.

Each module includes a course outline, information on each subject, a written exam to evaluate competency and a certificate of completion for the driver’s file.

The modules can be reused for each new driver hired.

Training Stations

What if you don’t like online training but can’t attend the classroom times we have available? Our training station option offers the benefits of online training with the benefits of a class room setting.

We have two training stations set up in our office where your drivers can attend and use our specified training modules. The drivers move through the training at their own pace and if they have questions about a certain topic, they can ask our knowledgeable staff to assist them.

Training stations are available during regular business hours.

Our course outlines are available for download