Safety & Maintenance Policy

Written Safety & Maintenance Policy

All carriers who hold a Safety Fitness Certificate (SFC) in Alberta, regardless of fleet size, are required to have a written Safety & Maintenance program.

This is different from an OHS policy which addresses employee and premises safety.

These policies are in regard to the safe operation of a commercial vehicle and retention of certain documents.

Specific policies are required to be stated in writing which include but are not limited to, policies on driver qualifications, safe driving practices, driver training requirements, hiring practices and disciplinary actions, safe handling of emergency equipment, what regulations drivers are required to follow, proper record retention for driver files and who is responsible to ensure everyone is following the policy.

All drivers and support staff involved in the operation of an NSC Vehicle are required to be familiar with the program and comply with the policies within it.

A properly written safety program sets out the basis for demonstrating safety and compliance as required to legally operate under a Safety Fitness Certificate in Alberta.

The maintenance program also has specific policies that must be stated in writing which include but are not limited to, how often maintenance will be conducted on NSC Units, how often trip inspections are conducted, what items must be inspected, what defects must be recorded and whether or not the unit is safe to operate, how often CVIP’s are required, what a CVSA inspection is and how it affects the company as well as proper record retention for unit files. It is designed to assist you in maintaining mandatory inspections and repairs on your vehicles so that your units are safe to operate.

How we can help

Our staff can provide you with approved programs that meet the specific policy requirements of Alberta Transportation regulations.

We can tailor these programs to meet your specific needs and provide you with updates to programs as regulations change.

We can also review your existing programs to ensure they have all the required policies to meet NSC Regulations.

These programs will include information required for you to build and maintain proper driver and vehicle files.